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  • What is jiu-jitsu?
    Jiu-jitsu is a martial art that can be effectively implemented in a self-defense or sport context by any type of person regardless of age or physical ability against a larger and stronger opponent through the use of technique and leverage in order to defeat your opponent using chokeholds, joint locks, and takedowns.
  • What makes Jisso Academy different?
    At Jisso, we know that jiu-jitsu is much more than a set of techniques. We offer our students the tools and environment necessary for our students to not only become better at jiu-jitsu, but to become better versions of themselves. For us, jiu-jitsu isn't just for sport or self-defense. Jiu-jitsu is for life.
  • Are classes suitable for beginners with no prior experience?
    Absolutely. Our classes are designed to accommodate students of all levels and athletic backgrounds. Our teachers and students are here to help you learn.
  • I’m out of shape. Can I still join?
    Yes! Jiu-jitsu is a great way to get in shape while learning a skill regardless of your current fitness level.
  • What should I expect from my first class?
    For your first class, we will lend you a gi (kimono) and help you tie your belt. You will then be taught some basic jiu-jitsu movements during the warm-up, followed by techniques with the rest of the class. From white to black belt, there is always something new to learn, so everyone will be doing the same thing regardless of experience level. Please make sure you wear tight-fitting athletic clothing like tights and a rash-guard to wear under your gi, and that your nails are trimmed. You must also remove all jewelry for training. Above all, expect to learn something new and have a great time!
  • Do you offer private lessons?
    Yes! Both Eduardo and Fabio offer one-on-one sessions where you will benefit from personalized attention. Learn more about our teachers and contact us to schedule your session.


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